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The Voice 2012 Final show

The Voice season 2 is over finally. I really enjoyed Season 1 but I have to say this season hasn’t been good for me. Many singers I enjoyed was voted off. Lot of the shows were too long and ended very fast. The final show was WAY too long!! 2 hours to find out who won? An hour would have been better to celebrate the final and find out the winner. They should have announced 3rd and 4th place in […]

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The Voice 2012 Final Performances

Last night’s episode of the Voice has given me some things to think about. From last week I picked Juliet Simms to win. I figured Jermaine Paul was good but not the best. I actually believe he might win. Chris Mann was my second favorite but thought he didn’t have a chance with the public. Tony Lucca is just out of the competition for me. Last episode changed my mind a little. I actually got worried for Juliet because her […]

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The Voice 2012

I’ve been watching The new season of The Voice off and on. I have really enjoyed this show. I got bored with American idol a few years ago. I think what The Voice does best is let anyone have a chance without their looks and they don’t have to be an amateur. The idea that the judges can only hear the singers before they decide who they want on their team is a unique idea and it works for the […]

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The Voice Was Great

I have been watching The voice on NBC from the very beginning. First I thought it would just be the same as American Idol. I actually got bored of AI a few years ago. It’s still a good show but lost my attention. The thing I liked about The Voice is the singers are all really good. Felt like their talent was more important than anything. This post is about todays show which I thought was outstanding. I didn’t hear […]