Heroes: The TV Show

Heroes: The TV Show

I’ve recently started watching a show called Heroes on NBC and I find it a very interesting show. I like the whole idea of getting people who find out they have super powers together to save the world. Each one has a strength and a weakness but together they can help each other. There are many similarities with this show and the x-men but It’s more of a psychological story rather than a straight hero movie.

Following all these people with special powers and wondering how they all are going to join together is the best part about this show. The character that I really like is Hiro Nakamura who can manipulate time and space. He gets a bit excited sometimes but that is what’s so funny about him. He doesn’t know much English so he will have a hard time trying to get with the other heroes. At least his friend knows english to help him out.

The other character I like is the cheerleader, Claire Bennet, who is indestructible but she can be stopped. She doesn’t have the strength or power so she will have to depend on other people to do some damage. The most interesting one of all of them is the woman with two personalities, Niki Sanders. Her other personality has a lot of strength and is very dangerous. She doesn’t seem to have complete control over her second personality yet. I wonder how will she use her power if and when she controls it.

The strangest character is Peter Petrelli who can fly only around his brother, Nathan Petrelli. Nathan can fly anytime but not peter. I think Peter’s power is going to be an interesting addition to the rest of them. It will be interesting to see how he plays a part with all the rest of the heroes. It seems like he gains the power of the nearest hero. A very interesting super power In my opinion.

If you aren’t watching this show it’s something you might want to check out. It comes on NBC on mondays and I hear it’s doing good in the ratings.

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