Doctor Who Season 2

Doctor Who Season 2

Another post which I should have posted weeks ago. I have so many topics on my mind I need to write about. As in previous posts you might know I am a big fan of Dr. Who. It was one of my favorite shows when I was young. As you might know the BBC, in the UK, has started producing new adventures of Dr. who last year. Doctor #9, played by Christopher Eccleston, made his appearance in season 1. (actually season 27 in the full who history)

This year, Season 2 has started on April 15th with all new adventures and enemies! I don’t want to give away anything for the people who are watching season 1 in America so I won’t explain too much about the changes. The first season of Dr. Who will be coming out in DVD on July 4th. Look for it in stores like! I really hope SciFi will show Season 2 soon because the only way for me to watch it now is downloading off the internet. If it was possible I’d pay for the privilege of downloading it from BBC but still no option for me to do that.

I will write a review on season 2 in another post. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that there is a season 2 being shown in the UK so let’s hope scifi will pick it up this year!!

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  1. hi hope you can join us to build a premier Dr who website.. we’re also a bunch of whovians and we want our community to grow and create a nice site that’s all about dr who and torchwood. hope you can visit the site and join the community. thanks!

  2. I was VERY surprise that a change in doctors occurred at the end of season one … I was not a fan of Dr. Who until the 2005 lead sparked and flamed my interest. I know the Doctor re-incarntes but I had how Christopher would at least play the roll for a few years. I heard he was going to be the lead from the old 60′s tv show called the prisoner. I wish him well but want him back as Dr. Who.

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