Call For Help News

Call For Help News

Many years ago I found a TV Program called “Call for Help” on Techtv. This program taught me a lot and was a great show to tell others about. It’s a show that really made the complicated world of technology and computers as easy as possible. Viewers would call in to get help with their computer problems. It was a fun show even if they talked about stuff that I already knew about.

One day G4 and Techtv merged but dropped “Call for help” on their cable network. They also dropped lot of other good shows as well. I stopped watching G4techtv and never came back. Leo Laporte was the host of the show when it was on Techtv. Little after the merge “Call for help” was showing on G4techtv up in Canada but not here in America. I was glad Leo was still doing the show but really wanted to watch the show. Recently I found out the show is coming back to America and going to be shown on G4tv . This is fantastic and I might start watching G4 again but I still have a bad taste in my mouth. This show should have been in the lineup at the beginning of the merge not after all this time. Well maybe some of the better Techtv hosts and shows will be returned also. My guess would be No.

Starting August 29 CFH will be on G4 weekdays at 11a Eastern/8a Pacific and weekends at 6 and 7a Eastern. If enough of you watch I’m sure we’ll be able to move to a better spot in the schedule.

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