Doctor who and Reality TV

Doctor who and Reality TV

Now I’m a big fan of reality TV. So much that I look around for other reality TV show from other countries. Big Brother is one of my favorites to watch. Love watching how people try to get along with each other and how it all ends up. I’ve been watching the UK version for weeks now and loving the arguments and mischief they get into!

I am also a fan of Doctor Who. I watched it when I was young in the 80’s on PBS stations. The only way I was able to watch them in U.S. Now Doctor who has came back in 2005. I am watching it the only way I can. Downloading it from places that provide it on the internet. I would rather have it available in the united states but no such luck. I’d even be willing to pay bbc a couple of bucks to watch each episode. But no such option. What am I supposed to do? I have sent requests to and bbc america with no luck yet. I will have to do what I am doing now until I have the option of getting it the legal way.

Both of these worlds will be intermingling next week with doctor who visiting a Big brother show in the future on a space station of some sort. I am very excited about this and hope it will be a fun show. Doctor who against Big Brother is an interesting concept. Also in the previews we get a glimpse of daleks! They return in a massive display of power.

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