Monday TV Show Thoughts

Monday TV Show Thoughts

Having one of those days when I can’t think of anything to talk about. Survivor ended on sunday and I expected the outcome many weeks ago. When Stephanie was voted out I knew Tom had everyone under his control. I also knew if Tom got to the end the jury would vote for him over anyone else. So I got a bit bored after awhile. Hoping someone would be smart enough to vote out tom but nobody could. Stephanie was the only player that could have changed the game but Caryn messed everything up for everyone but Tom. Don’t get me wrong, Tom definitely deserved it. He did what was needed to win in survivor but I still thought there were chances for others to win also but they were under Tom’s spell.

Apprentice is another show I watch and this week is the end of that show too. I am hoping Kendra will win over Tana. If Kendra doesn’t win I’d be very sad. I am so glad that a woman will win this time. I truly thought Jennifer should have one the 2nd one but she didn’t.

Two non-reality shows I am watching is 24 and Lost. I’m excited about the end of Lost. I want to know the secrets and see what happens. I am kind of tired with 24. I hate waiting for a week to see what happens next. It’s like cliff hanger every week. Cliff hangers are fun but not every week. I might stop watching after this season. I will watch this season finale just so I’ll know everyone is saved at the end.

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